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On the occasion the Music Early Day 2021, we have the chance to showcase our online concert performance project "La Dernière Sarabande - ou l'obsolescence programmée".

It's  a unique project on the occasion of Johann-Sebastian Bach 270 death anniversary. The ensemble creates a performance around Bach’s Cello Suites connected to the global warming challenge. The group presents a unique moment of music of Bach’s full sixth Cello suites by combining several instruments together, as well as adding some cantatas from the composer. At the same time Juliette Rahon & Co analyzes, researches and questions the matter of the global warming, a collective global challenge.


WHERE: click on the button to watch the video

Choreographer Juliette Rahon gathers an international team of dancers, musicians and singer coming from Sweden, Germany, United States and France.

  • Juliette Rahon (France ) - Choreograph and dancer

  • Anna Elisabeth Diepold (Germany) - production manager

  • Yasmin Schumann (Germany) - dancer

  • Léonard Frey-Maibach (France) - Cellist

  • Sean Nederlof (USA) - dancer

  • Robert ” Rawburt ” Söderström (Sweden) - dancer

  • Jean-Baptiste Schwebel (France) - Cellist

  • Clara Barbier (France ) - Soprano

  • Camera: Ulf

  • Director: Antje Lüdtke-Schönmann

  • Light Design: Holm Querner

  • Costumes: Victoria Voigt

  • Stage Manager: Luisa Fahrenbach

  • Videographer: Robert Söderström, Yasmin Schönmann

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