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Concept and Choreography: Juliette Rahon

Choreography assistant: Alicia Varela Carballo

Performers: Gabriella Victoria (Harp), Léonard Frey-Maibach (Cello), Juliette Rahon (dance)

Photo Photo ©Thomas Puschmann

Music: Extract from „Deux mélodies hébraiques“  Maurice Ravel

We „sail“ on earth, 

we walk with the Light, 

we breath with the wind.  

On earth we are all Nomadic.

What does it mean to be Nomadic nowadays? Does it always mean to flee from a crisis situation? Juliette Rahon & Co are analysing the  fact to be always in movement. Aren't we all Nomadic on earth, and looking for a better tomorrow? Why are we always in movement, and which facts tempt people to move away? On stage, one cellist and one harpist in symbiosis with the dancer, are drawing the journey of a nomadic woman who wishes to re-invent herself over and over again.

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